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A Death Note User's Guide 6. Watari: INFJ, The Advocate Via: Anime Reporter Watari is one of the more pure characters in the series. An older man, he works with L and seems to genuinely care for him, which is probably a hard task since L is constantly poking his nose in dangerous situations. Death Note. Personality Type: INTJ - 5w6 - sp/sx - 513 - LII - RCOEI - LVEF - Melancholic [Dominant] - IN (T) Nate River (ネイト=リバー, Neito Ribā), better known as Near (ニア, Nia) is the younger of L's two successors, raised in Wammy's House—Watari's orphanage for gifted children in Winchester, England. After L's death, Near.

Even when not holding and using the Death Note, Light is a natural genius who's highly perceptive, excels at problem-solving, and strategically plans ahead. He's systematic in pursuing goals and, like many real-life ENTJs, he talks through his thoughts aloud, sorting through ideas to find the most effective and efficient solutions. Near is very calm and stable, a trait that is described in Death Note 13: How to Read as potentially being "above that of L's." He is also rather devious and isn't above using tactics that are "barely within the law," as he "values results above all else."

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Near is much colder, younger, and less approachable than L but upholds the same personality-type traits. RELATED: 15 Most Underrated Anime Of The Last 20 Years He is focused, introverted, analytical, and self-sufficient. Near is confident in his abilities and keeps cool, unlike his much more ostentatious counterpart Mello.

RELATED: 10 Ways Death Note Is Clichéd. As a reclusive genius, Near could be nothing other than an INTJ. As the other successor to L, he cares less for fame and more for puzzles. Though he's working towards finding a serial killer, he is more concerned with the mental games of the chase than the actual good work he is doing.

L, as seen in Death Note (Image via Studio Madhouse) INTPs are not only an uncommon personality type, but they are also among the most brilliant. This MBTI type, often known as the.

The anime Death Note is highly regarded for its complex and intelligent characters. Throughout the series, these characters find themselves caught up in the battle of wits of the century, revealing a myriad of personalities. Though it's not always apparent which of the Myers-Briggs Personality® types align with each of the characters, it's.

Each character in death note can be attributed to one of the 16 personality types of a person. Choose from the table below a hero suitable for you in character or take the test to determine your personality type. After the test, look at the issued description of the personality type to find out how much it coincides with yours.

Near is the real name of Nate River and one of the main characters from the manga and anime series Death Note. He was later succeeded by one of the candidates for the seat of L. PERSONALITY Near Death Note. N is a bit like L. She is withdrawn, impassive, and eccentric. L was certainly an authority for him. However, after hearing about the death.

Near: INTJ - In contrast to L looking at various Ne possibilities and eliminating them, it feels like Near comes up with a theory using Ni (i.e. Light Yagami is Kira) and acts on it to see if he's right, which he tends to be fairly confident that he is, as opposed to how L is often second guessing himself. Do you agree with these choices?

Which MBTI personality type best fits? Personality type for Death Note from Death Note and what is the personality traits. Death Note (Japanese: デスノート, Hepburn: Desu Nōto) is a Japanese manga and anime series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. The story follows Light Yagami, a high school student who stumbles.

Death Note Matsuda Blood Group B Personality Type. Touta Matsuda falls into that rare (for Japan) blood type personality B. He's the sort to lean towards action over introspection; rushing in where angels fear to tread. A doer; a creative force; an instigator; a leader - even if it's only leading others into danger and folly.

Near is an INTJ-A, an assertive who is less neurotic and calmer. Light is an INTJ-T, a paranoid, perfectionistic, borderline-neurotic version of an INTJ. He is introvertedly intuitive (Ni) first, shown by his idealistic goals and his more vague interpretation of the future, and this is a characteristic of an INTJ [Ni Te Fi Se] rather

Light prefers to remain in the background and get other people to execute his will. Of course, the Death Note is an ideal weapon for an inferior Se user, allowing him to kill without actually committing any physical acts. However, note that Light never actually learns any physical skills to help aid and support his plan.

Near is absolutely my favorite character in Death Note. I love everything about him. His appearance, his personality, his theme, everything. It kind of hurts me when I see some people hating on Near without even justifying. Not everyone has to like him, but I think hating him is a bit of an overreaction. What are your reasons?

His personality temperament is viscerotonic (the person seeks comfort, loves fine food, eats too much, is jovial, affectionate and liked by all). Because the needs, responsibilities, hopes, and expectations associated with each type of relationship vary, the personal meanings and social implications of each type of death also differ.

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