What If L Was Kira And Light Was L

He then used Rem's feelings for Misa and forced the Shinigami to Kill L. Rem kills L to protect Misa the moment he was going to reveal that Kira is Light. Light isnt threatened anymore, he killed both the Shinigami and L, the two most threatening to his life, now no one can protect Misa and he can manipulate her better. Checkmate. Continue Reading L is less emotionally driven. The trick with Lind L. Taylor wouldn't work on him. That was the event that really exposed Light. Considering L is international, it is also less likely his initial kill would be so localized like Light's. That and Light used the Japanese police system a lot.

Answers 1,342,580 viewers Become a Fan answer this question L Question What If L was Kira? o.o Suddenly the thought came through my brain. And I can't help but imagine now. How Death Note would be If he was Kira? o.o L Answers posted over a year ago Well, yours is a hell out of a scenario! They must make an anime with L being Kira :D The anime features brilliant cat-and-mouse mind games where Light tries to eliminate L (Light's notebook needs a name and face to kill someone) while L hones in on Kira's identity. In fact, there's actually quite a bit of evidence that L figured out Light pretty early on; L himself tells Light he suspects him as Kira.

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L would win, he was smart enough to theorize there were two death notes. Imagine that sort of intelligence with magic, Light would be fucked- especially because Light doesn't hide his identity when he is not Kira (like when he lost his memories) 106. level 2. · 8 mo. ago. It says if Light and L swapped places.

Thanks for watching this video, if you did, lol.Part 1 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XhlGIULyhA

That's right. The real question is: What if L had been the one to get his hands on the Death Note instead of Light Yagami? What would have happened? Well, that is exactly what this story is about. The Death Note ended up in L's hands; not Light's. Author's Note: So this chapter is not really a chapter in the story.

L launched a passive plan, allowing mistrustful or uninterested NPA officers to quit the Kira case and move on. Soon, only Soichiro Yagami and five other officers remained. L sent a message formally inviting them to join him, and of these six officers, only one, Hideki Ide, opted out. The rest teamed up together, being the most loyal and.

This alternate scenario depicts a Non-Kira Light Yagami who; along with L, crossing paths since both are sharing the same goal of capturing Kira. Author's note: This story will "swerve away".

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" Kira is childish, and he hates losing. You guessed it, I'm also childish and hate losing. " — L ( "One") L (エル, Eru) is a world-renowned detective who takes on the challenge of catching the mass murderer known as Kira. In his investigation, L becomes suspicious of Light Yagami and makes it his goal to prove that Light is Kira. Contents

What If L Caught Kira? Share Download this voice. Author Comments. I am a huge fan of Death Note, but the one thing that always bothered me about the main story, was that there was no direct confrontation between Kira and L. Instead L dies and Near and Mello pick up the pieces. The exception being the second Live Action Movie called "Death Note.

Kira! You are the celebrated Queen of Self-Inflicted Drama, so raise your head up high and laugh like the secret maniac you are. You are on a jihad to make the world a better and safer place for all by killing all criminals..and those who suspect you..and..oh hell! You're just a power-hungry bastard who likes killing, admit it.

His opponent is the world's best detective, L, a mysterious young man and - like Kira - genius. Death Note characters. Death Note features a lot of different characters, most notable though L and Kira. Take this quiz and find out now which of these two you have most in common with! L Death Note. L is a mysterious and world-renowned detective.

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