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What is L's fate in Death Note? Despite having a mind like no other, Kira is able to outsmart L, resulting in his death at the end of part one. Ultimately it isn't Light who kills L,. Does L Die In Death Note. In this manga series, L died in episode 5. Light Yagami and L were very good friends in front of each other. Hence, L liked Misa a lot. Though Misa was Light's girlfriend. But L had a very good friendship with Misa. Also, he had a secret crush on Misa. Misa was the key to L's death. Misa had a shinigami eye.

L's death gave Light the freedom to kill anyone he pleases - as it is not limited to criminals anymore. He killed anyone who went in his way. Light fully embodied Kira as an insane mass murderer and an inflated God complex. He thought he was unstoppable, and anyone who thought otherwise will be dead. In Death Note 13: How to Read, the series encyclopedia-style guide states that L was born on October 31, 1979, and died on November 5, 2004. Using simple maths we can determine that L was.

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L dies in a peaceful manner 23 days before the book ends, while his story continues after his death. The novelization tells us the many different qualities of L. The initial "L" is an abbreviation for "Last One" or "Lost One", which is a gifted entity dropped from heaven. L helps prevent World War III when he was eight years old.

Did L from Death Note plan his death? No, L just couldn't beat Light and that would be the end of the story. It is nothing new for anyone who saw a huge drop in the quality of the story that went downhill after his death, Kira was going to win and the story was going to end with this dark antichrist vibe. Pay attention to this scene.

To put it simply, yes. Light Yagami ultimately dies because Ryuk, the Shinigami who dropped the Death Note, writes his name in the deadly notebook. Shortly after he writes his name down, Light is shot with a bullet! But why did Ryuk kill Light? Viewers come to learn that Ryuk has promised to set Light free by writing his name down in Death Note.

L became a detective at a young, unknown age and eventually gained a reputation as the greatest detective in the world whose opinion is highly valued. Plot L notices the rapid rate of criminals dying of heart attacks, and suspects a person is behind this and that he is in Japan, so he seeks cooperation from the NPA.

L dies of a heart attack, collapsing into Light's arms, allowing him to see Light's smug smirk, confirming what he knew all along - that Light was, in fact, Kira. Not only were we shocked to see the main hero of the story die in the first half of the anime, but we were also completely disheartened by his death.

L was outmaneuvered by his nemesis and, in the end, Light goaded Rem the shinigami into killingL and Watari to protect Misa from further investigation. Did REM kill L? Killing L killed Rem because L was close to catching Misa again and she could have been executed. So to answer your question, it's both love and increasing a lifespan.

L dies due to a heart attack after Rem ( the shinigami who had fallen in love with Misa ) writes his name using her eyes that could see his name on her Death Note. In his last moment, he was held by Light Yagami, who viciously smirked letting L know that he was indeed Kira just as L had suspected all along in his very last moments

L Lawliet ( Japanese: エル・ローライト, Hepburn: Eru Rōraito), [1] known mononymously as L, is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. He is an enigmatic, mysterious, and highly-esteemed international consulting detective whose true identity and background is kept a secret.

Detective L was Light's greatest enemy, and many Death Note fans were sad to see him go. But for the sake of the story, L needed to die. In Death Note, Light Yagami picks up the supernatural notebook of death and uses it to become a mass-murdering kingpin named Kira, determined to create a new, crime-free world.

Ryuk, having decided that Light has lost, writes his name in his Death Note and kills him. The ending is fairly the same in both the anime and manga, save a few details. In the anime, Light escapes the Yellow Box after being shot and steadily makes his way to a hideout. As he limps across the street, he hallucinates his younger self walking.

Best Answer. Copy. Rem kills L because she loves Misa so much that she feels like a mother to her. Light blackmailed Rem to write L's real name in the note book, the only way to kill L *most.

L's diet consists mainly of sugary sweets but he isn't overweight as a result. He is estimated to be 5'10 and 110 lbs. L claims this is because of his immense amounts of brainpower. In chapter 38 of the Death Note manga, L states that it's easy for him to remain thin because his brain consumes all the calories from the sweets.

It takes 40 seconds for the person to die if their name is written in the book. Mikami starts counting down the remaining 10 seconds and when Mikami reaches 40, Light says to Near, "I win". After 40 seconds pass, nobody dies because Near has the original Death Note and The one Mikami has is fake. Light is shocked that his plan did not work.

2/15 The Day L Died As the title of the manga implies, many characters died throughout Death Note. Due to how much fans cared about L, his death was one of the saddest. In Death Note: How to Read, it is revealed that he was killed on November 5th, 2004. This means that he had just turned 25 when his name was written into the Death Note.

Near did not die in Death Note. In this manga series, he was alive. He took the position of L, an investigator. Hence, he was capable of taking the position of L by inheritance. After all, he claim that there was no one who could take the L's position. L was the greatest detective. How did L die

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